The team finally got together for one of our regular meets. After a busy summer, it was necessary to link up, reflect, and discuss plans for the upcoming months. Being from different area codes, it can sometimes be a challenge to carve out some face to face time. Most of the time we find ourselves relying on texts, emails, and calls to get things done. It's worked for us so far but it's always nice to roundup the team. 

We gotta say it's been great to see how far RISE has come. It always feels like we're just scratching the surface and never running short of ideas. We don't want to get too ahead of ourselves yet but we got plenty of things in the works and lots to share. You can definitely expect the RISE brand to continue to focus on giving back more and collaborating with others.

For now we leave you with visuals from our recent meet. We had a blast getting out there, talking to the people and leaving behind our stickers. 

As always, thanks for following!

VisualsAlan CruzComment