Not too long ago, we took some time out to get together with a very talented, creative, and all-around great individual, Vonnie Quest out of Milwaukee. By now It's no secret that some of our posts come a week or weeks later and for good reason. Our generation is obsessed with instantly posting everything we do as we do it and often we don't give ourselves a chance to just sit back and really observe the content we put out. We're big believers in taking our time to deliver our best and paying close attention to how we represent ourselves. With that said, we're glad we took some time to process this and reflect on our meet. Vonnie is one hard working individual with an artistic style that is truly his own. Spend a couple minutes with him and you'll learn that quickly. His ambition to learn and improve is to be admired and recognized. We had a great time shooting this set and we can assure you that this won't be the last time we get together. 

We invite you all to read our brief conversation with Vonnie and check out the music video directed by Vonnie himself for Milwaukee artist, Genesis Renji. 

Who are you?

I’m Vonnie Quest, artist, intellectual, and avid dreamer. I’m currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee focusing on filmmaking and cinematography, screen-printing, and graphic arts. I also dabble with writing screenplays as well. I’m a renaissance man.

Debuting is Genesis Renji's newest visual: "Testimony". In today's society we spend way too much time cooped up in our hard exterior shells, unwilling to let people in, fearful that the world will scrutinize us, take advantage of us, and possibly destroy us.

Why filmmaking?

To me, filmmaking is one of the most interesting forms of art. What attracted me to this particular medium was the idea of writing. It was John Singleton's “Boyz-N-Da Hood” and Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” that inspired me. I found the idea of removing an audience from their world for an hour and a half or so, and putting them into a completely different universe, very appealing. After purchasing my first camera, I dived head first into directing and I fell in love with the art of cinematography. Cinematography is basically the art of making motion pictures, composing shots, evoking certain moods with lighting setups, choosing the right colors etc., all of which I have been applying to the process of making music visuals.

What drives you to keep doing it?

Passion!! Simply put, it’s the passion, love, and appreciation for the art that keeps me wanting to do it. It’s an extremely hard business to break into, which may be intimidating, but with passion, persistence, and perseverance, all things are possible.

What's in store for the future?

Oh man, the future is big!!! Major things are in store!!! Too much to even name individually. I’ll put it like this though Vonnie Quest will be a brand to be reckoned with.

Perseverance, Humility, Love, Or Gratitude - Pick one and why?

Perseverance definitely would be my number one pick, especially in today's time, when having determination is a significant survival tactic. Many people, myself included sometimes, are afraid of failure or the idea of being unsuccessful. Failure is inevitable, at some point or another we will not succeed at something, but that doesn’t mean give up or quit just because it doesn’t happen on the first, second, or even the third try. If I were to have given up on film/video because of a bad experience or failure I would have quit a month after I bought my camera, but I refused to. I believed in myself and was determined to get better, and still to this day I am persevering, becoming stronger, a better man, a better father, and a better artist.

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