One year ago today, we created a small "instavideo" titled 'Ambition'. The video was a short 15 second clip depicting a young individual heading out to enjoy life in the Big Apple. The clip was meant to be simple and sweet, capturing a feeling of gratitude and humility at the height of personal success. It was really an opportunity for us to look back on all we had accomplished. Like many people, we had our eyes set on attending college and landing good jobs. Through endless hard work and determination we had attained both. Still we couldn't help but feel blessed for all the good that had come our way. So our response was to try to capture that feeling using what we had available.

Fast forward one year later and we continue to live by those values. Hard working, grateful, and in constant pursuit of excellence. 

"Heir to the Humblest: Possessing ambitions derived beyond oneself, in deference to the haves & have-nots, for the pursuit of excellence."
- C. Thierry
Alan CruzComment