Gary, Indiana has been a place we have wanted to visit for awhile. Driving south out of Chicago and into Indiana, it's not hard to miss Gary. Without exiting the highway, you see the remnants of a city that has seen better days. Our desire to visit the area was based on images we had seen on social media. Pictures by several photographers of buildings, streets, and a community that is often talked about negatively. 

For this trip, our focus was to see the city of Gary for ourselves and look for ways to step in and give back. The biggest takeaway from this trip was the people. Everywhere we went, people naturally greeted us and wanted to engage in conversation. It was a bit of a shock, but it made us look at Gary differently. Like people, Gary is going through a hard time and its future is unclear, but instead of knocking the city down when it's weak, we should be stepping in to help.

We plan on heading back to Gary real soon to give back in some way, but for now we leave you with visuals from our recent trip.