We're excited to be partnering up with local designer, Tim Fates to bring awareness and excitement around new wearable accessories called dots. Based out of Chicago, DotUP is a platform for community, expression, and awareness centered around small circular items that attach to just about anything. 

We met Tim awhile back and soon after we were invited to drop in and discuss ways in which we could partner up to better serve our city. Tim created dots and founded dotUP as a way to support organizations, communities, and individuals working to make a positive impact so it was an honor to work together on our own set of dots! We'll be showing them off more in the upcoming weeks and selling them online next year (2018). Lastly, it's great to see other brands that we respect and admire, taking part to create something unique to the city.

Learn more about dotUP by checking out and follow on Instagram @_dotup_

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