We love reading and deep driving into people's thinking so when we connected with Phillip and his brand, 'Another White Noise' we were definitely IN to learn more. These days everybody has an agenda they are pushing, making it harder than ever to break through and stand out. What caught our attention about Phillip's blog and his direction, is how unfazed it is to be known. 

I don't believe in stepping on others to get ahead. - Phillip

It's a rat race these days on social media. We constantly get brands asking us to follow them and check them out and quite honestly, it gets exhausting. It's also real easy to get caught up in the "post-happy" generation we live in. So for us it was a pleasant surprise to meet someone who wasn't trying to push something and instead showed us genuine respect and love (Not to mention the no idols hats! ). We respect people like Phillip because it reminds us of the bigger picture. The thing you create represents an individual thought and the time it takes to make that thing grow is irrelevant.

We invite you to check out and read 'Another White Noise': 


no idols hats: anotherwhitenoise.com/store